3 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Virtual Assistants

Growing up in the 80s, MacGyver was legendary. MacGyver was someone whose resourcefulness and ingenuity could solve any problem. MacGyvering even became a verb. As virtual assistants, it can sometimes feel like we need to be like MacGyver–creative, resourceful, and fast. So how can you be more like this legendary hero? Here are 3 ways to be the MacGyver of virtual assistants.

Resourcefulness is key

One key trait MacGyver always demonstrated in every show was his resourcefulness. There was always some tight spot he needed to get out of using only a coathanger and some duct tape. Thankfully, the average virtual assistant has more resources at their fingertips than that.

So where should you go if you need to learn something new? Nothing is handier than YouTube and Google. YouTube is one of the best free resources for tutorial videos (psst… it’s also how I built my website), and Google can help you find free webinars or helpful blog posts for just about any question under the sun.

Don’t underestimate the power of crowdsourcing! Facebook mastermind groups can be the perfect place to ask for resources on a certain subject. Fellow business owners can recommend resources that have helped them, and the subject matter experts can suggest resources they have created themselves (which may or may not be free).

One resource that I wish I had taken advantage of sooner is the Virtual Savvy’s SavvyVault. It’s a collection of trainings made by experienced VAs to teach you the industry and tech skills you need to succeed. For a monthly fee, you have access to video tutorials and support that you’d normally have to spend hours of valuable time hunting down (and then sorting through and possibly paying for anyway). It’s worth it, in my book!

Being smart is smart

If you have a curious mind, or your response when you need to learn something is usually “Let me Google that,” then you’re well on your way to having this key MacGyver trait in your pocket. As a virtual assistant, you don’t need to know everything but you do need to be learning and growing. Business owners hire you not only for your assistance but for your expertise. They want and need you to be smart about the job they’ve hired you to do!

This also means not being afraid to ask questions. If something isn’t clear or you need more information, speak up! You won’t learn anything unless you ask, and you will most likely make unnecessary mistakes if you don’t.

Don’t be Afraid to Fail

The last 20 minutes of the MacGyver show always found Mac in a tight spot. Somehow he never let the situation get the best of him, and he wasn’t afraid to try something that you as the viewer were sure would fail. Granted, in the world of television the hero always wins the day so there can be another episode, but it’s important to take a similar attitude when it comes to our fear of failure.

The adage “Fear is a powerful motivator” might be true, but it is also a great paralyzer. Specifically when it comes to the fear of failing. When you make a mistake, especially when’s it’s public, it’s hard to eat humble pie and own up to it. Sometimes it can even be hard to fix the results of that mistake. However, the hardest part is working past the failure. The fear of failing can be paralyzing.

What’s the best way to work past this? Work towards adopting a “growth mindset.” Not being afraid to fail can open the door to some of your biggest successes, and it will give you plenty of experiences to learn from which you can then use to position yourself as an expert. As one of my favorite business coaches, Christy Wright, says, “Do it scared.”

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