How COVID-19 impacts Virtual Assistants

The COVID-19 pandemic has the world reeling. Lives have been upended and drastically changed in what many are calling “unprecedented times.” If you’re one of the millions who have lost work due to shutdowns and quarantine, the main question in your mind is probably, “How do I (legitimately) make money while working from home?”

Are Work-from-home Jobs A Scam?

While many scams claim you can work-from-home, rake in the cash, and do next to nothing, there are legitimate ways to work from home. One of them being virtual assistance.

As many businesses scrambled to go online to stay afloat, the need for people to help them navigate this new world also increased. Teams all over the world went remote to continue working and found that they were able to continue being productive, proving to many the value of working from home.

The Future of online Admin Work

Whether it’s general administrative assistance, customer service, or marketing, businesses will always need a helping hand. As more businesses continue to operate online, remote work opportunities will continue to grow. (Dare I say that remote work is the future?) This positions virtual assistants uniquely to provide exactly what business owners need.

It’s important to remember that the term “virtual assistant” is an industry term, and not a specific role. There are a variety of types of virtual assistants, from social media managers to project managers to general administrative assistants. There is also a wide variety of business types that need virtual assistants. The combinations are practically endless!

With such a large variety in combinations, how COVID-19 quarantines and shutdowns impact a virtual assistant is highly dependent upon not only the type of work the VA specializes in but also the type of businesses the VA generally works with.

For example, a VA working for a local restaurant owner might be more significantly impacted than a VA working for a tech entrepreneur. Or a VA who does email inbox management might be more impacted than a VA who does email marketing.

Either way, the good news is that businesses still need virtual assistants. Quarantine or not, many businesses still need to ensure they can operate–and that means going online. Who better to be there for them than a virtual assistant?

If you’re a virtual assistant, or interested in becoming a virtual assistant, don’t let the quarantine scare you. Instead, search for ways to make yourself an invaluable asset and search for clients that need you. After all, adapting, learning, and growing are all important tools in a successful virtual assistants’ toolbox!

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