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Rescuing business owners from overwhelm and stress is my mission

Elise your virtual assistant VA

Trust me, I get it

You’re busy trying to run and grow your business, but you’re bogged down with the back-end details.

That task on your to-do list has been on there for weeks and you just can’t seem to find the time to get it done (or are just ignoring it completely).

You know you could be doing better things with your time, but these things have to get done.

You’ve realized that in order to do ALL THE THINGS, you need help.

Together we can free up your time and get rid of your stress.

About Me

I'm a virtual assistant helping busy Entrepreneurs with their admin needs

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It’s time for you to get back to your clients, your passion, the parts of your business that only YOU can do. My expertise is in handling the daily back-end administrative tasks that are on your plate.

If my 10+ years as an administrative assistant have taught me anything, it’s this:

As a solopreneur, it’s essential to have support & know that someone is working alongside you to make your business run and your clients happy.

Through my various services as a virtual admin assistant, I’m here to help you put passion back into your business so you can serve more clients, earn more cash, and create more impact in the world.

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A little more about me

Keep reading for more Fun Facts...

I’m a born and raised Florida girl whose favorite season is summer and loves the beach. (Cliché, perhaps, but true.)

I have a restless travel-spirit and have always loved going to new places! So far that includes: Greece, Israel, Jordan, Japan, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, and living two years in South Korea. (With SO MANY MORE on my list!)

I fell into being an admin as a way to support myself through college, and found that I was great at it and that it’s something I enjoy. After I had kids I realized that I didn’t want to do the office 9-5 life any more, but I still wanted to do what I loved. So White Horse Virtual Assisting was created as a way to continue using my time, talents, and experience for the benefit of others while also having a flexible schedule at home.

I’m currently enjoying life in Tennessee, along with my husband, our two kids and dog. The husband appreciates not sweating to death in Florida, and I appreciate not freezing to death in Chicago.

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